For many people, the divorce process is their first interaction with the legal system.  When you add to that the emotionality and stress of a divorce, the process can feel overwhelming. You Have a Say in How Expensive Your Divorce Is Many people worry about the cost of a divorce.  The good news there are.. read more →

While the techniques have evolved over time, the format of traditional counseling has not changed significantly from what early psychotherapists developed in the 19th century: you meet your therapist in an office and talk through problems.  The most significant modification was the shift from lying on a couch facing away from the therapist to sitting.. read more →

Often when women are casually dating or moving towards a committed relationship, we hesitate to share our thoughts and feelings with the man due to the fear of coming across as needy and clingy. Why? Usually out of fear this will push him away. However by not freely expressing ourselves, we run into the danger of not.. read more →

01 Oct 2015
October 1, 2015

Overcoming the Fear of Being Alone

Is it better to be in an unhappy or unfulfilling relationship or not in a relationship at all?  That depends upon who you ask.  As a happy yet never-married woman of 50 who counsels singles and couples, I have firsthand experience with both sides of this dilemma. The fear of being alone reflects many negative.. read more →

Are you a great conversationalist? So many of us would like to think we are, though as with any skill, it takes knowledge, awareness, and practice. But what does it really mean to be a great conversationalist? Certainly the main premise is that of a give and take of words, but what makes a conversation interesting, meaningful, and enjoyable? As with many things, there is both art and science involved. read more →

30 Mar 2015
March 30, 2015

Top Dos and Don’ts for Online Dating

If you are beyond your college years, your quest to meet a mate has likely taken you to the Internet.  With all the dating sites popping up in recent decades, it’s a veritable smorgasbord of possibilities.  If you’re looking for someone of the same religious background… there’s a website for that.  If you want someone.. read more →

There are countless reasons why men and women find it a challenge to communicate with one other; one of the key reasons is a difference in communication style. Men often prefer just the facts; women like details and prefer to hear the whole story. Having said this (and granted I’m generalizing here), I imagine you’d.. read more →

Many people have the impression that couples counseling can only be effective if both partners attend and participate. Not so! Studies have found that working on relationships alone (if your partner refuses or is unable to join you) can have equally positive results. For example, at the University of Denver, results from a five-year longitudinal.. read more →