For many people, the divorce process is their first interaction with the legal system.  When you add to that the emotionality and stress of a divorce, the process can feel overwhelming. You Have a Say in How Expensive Your Divorce Is Many people worry about the cost of a divorce.  The good news there are.. read more →

While the techniques have evolved over time, the format of traditional counseling has not changed significantly from what early psychotherapists developed in the 19th century: you meet your therapist in an office and talk through problems.  The most significant modification was the shift from lying on a couch facing away from the therapist to sitting.. read more →

Often when women are casually dating or moving towards a committed relationship, we hesitate to share our thoughts and feelings with the man due to the fear of coming across as needy and clingy. Why? Usually out of fear this will push him away. However by not freely expressing ourselves, we run into the danger of not.. read more →

All too often, clients come to me complaining of work-related stress. Sadly, a growing number are trying to mask the symptoms by popping the trendy anxiety and/or pain med du jour rather than digging down to understand and manage the underlying cause(s) of their stress. I believe the root cause of much of our stress can be found in the structure of the modern-day workplace. read more →

01 Oct 2015
October 1, 2015

Overcoming the Fear of Being Alone

Is it better to be in an unhappy or unfulfilling relationship or not in a relationship at all?  That depends upon who you ask.  As a happy yet never-married woman of 50 who counsels singles and couples, I have firsthand experience with both sides of this dilemma. The fear of being alone reflects many negative.. read more →