Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why offer a free initial consultation?
    Research strongly points out that one of the key elements of progress and success in counseling or coaching is how good the relationship and rapport is between the counselor and her client.  Before I take you on as a new client, I want to learn a bit about you and have a good sense that I can help you and at the same time give you an opportunity to check me out as well.  For these reasons, I offer a free 20-minute consultation via phone or video call to every prospective client.  During your free consultation, you will have a chance to get all of your questions answered and we’ll start to get to know each other.  I will only take on a new client that I’m confident I can help.  My primary goal is to help you, even if it means referring you to a different counselor. 
  2. What types of people and problems does your counseling and coaching practice serve?
    I provide services to adults dealing with a wide range of issues.  Having a deep background in the business world, my primary focus is helping business owners/partners, corporate executives and other professionals address their unique issues in their relationships, life, and career or business.  Clients have the choice of connecting with me over the phone or via Zoom.

    Due to individual state regulations, my coaching, but not counseling, services are available to non-Colorado residents via phone or video call. Anyone outside the U.S. may participate in counseling or coaching.

  3. What are your regular office hours?
    I realize how busy most people are if they’re in 9-to-5 jobs, so I’m happy to offer daytime, evening and weekend hours when it is more relaxing and convenient for most.  Please contact me by phone or email to schedule your complimentary consultation to get things started and we’ll find a time to meet that works well for you.
  4. What should I do to prepare for our first session?
    After we’ve had our initial get-to-know-each-other consultation and decide to work together, you’ll need to complete, sign, and submit my Client Intake Form as well as the Disclosure Statement and Agreement Form.  Come to the session with your top goals in mind or even written down.  If you’re not sure what your goals are at this point, we will figure them out together.  During our time together, your goals may evolve as issues are resolved or your priorities change.
  5. How long will I need counseling or coaching?
    That depends upon you, your goals, and what and how much you’d like to accomplish together.  Some clients come for a few sessions or just to address one or two issues; others have found that once they begin making solid progress, they prefer to continue our sessions until all of their personal goals are achieved.  Others simply schedule an appointment when they need my assistance and support.  The choice is yours.
  6. Do you accept insurance for payment?
    I do not accept insurance in my practice.  Why?  Insurance requires counselors to assign a mental disorder diagnosis in order for you to qualify for coverage.  A majority of my counseling clients don’t really have a mental health issue per se; many are simply seeking help, direction and organization in defining, working through, and identifying solutions to their nagging relationship, life, or work issues.  For the few who may have a legitimate diagnosis, that “label” will become part of their permanent medical record.  There is no assurance that this information will be kept confidential by your insurance provider and could hinder you in getting a job or special clearance down the road.  Please keep this information in mind if you’re looking to use insurance.  I believe counseling is personal and should remain private between a counselor and her client.
  7. What’s special about you and your practice?
    I bring a unique blend of life experience with an MBA and 20+ years as a successful business executive after which I returned to school for a second Masters degree in Counseling and additional training in coaching.  I’ve always believed that for a counselor to be truly helpful, qualified, empathetic, and effective, they needed some gray hair as well as significant time having been-there-done-that.  For many years, I’ve coached, counseled, trained, led, managed, and mentored clients and colleagues through growth and change in a business setting.  New Chapter Solutions is my venue to continue my life-long passion of helping others to be the best they can be, but on a more personal level now as a psychotherapist registered in the state of Colorado.

    Unlike traditional “coaches”, my formal counseling education and training provides a higher level of skill and professionalism as coaching is an unregulated profession—anyone can legally call themselves a “coach”.  No certification required.  This is not to say that there aren’t well-trained, caring people out there providing coaching services; however, state regulations for legally calling oneself a “counselor” are well-defined and stringent.  My foundational counseling and developmental understanding helps me to be a better coach.

  8. Will our sessions be kept private?
    Yes, everything that goes on in our sessions together remains confidential.  The only exception to this is when there is a safety threat to my client or someone else.  This is mandated by the law.
  9. What is your cancellation policy?
    Please provide a minimum of 24 hours advance notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.  If clients do not provide 24 hours to cancel their appointment they will be charged for half the session.  This policy is in place to help all clients access the care they need.  I often receive calls from clients who wish to access open slots for emergencies and immediate treatment needs.  When clients call in advance I can ensure that everyone can get in when they need it most.  One day you may be the client who calls for that extra appointment.  I greatly appreciate your understanding this policy as it is built to ensure that all clients respect one another and get the help they deserve.