For many people, the divorce process is their first interaction with the legal system.  When you add to that the emotionality and stress of a divorce, the process can feel overwhelming.

You Have a Say in How Expensive Your Divorce Is

Many people worry about the cost of a divorce.  The good news there are things you can do to keep your legal fees lower.  By choosing the Collaborative Process, each part of your divorce (financial, legal, emotional, and parenting) will be handled by an expert in that particular field.  This streamlines the process and helps keep your fees lower.

No Question Is Dumb

You should not be afraid to ask questions.  The members of your divorce team want to make this process as smooth as possible, so please ask for help when you need it.  While it may be tempting to use Google, the information is not tailored to your unique circumstances, and may not be applicable to your case.

We Need You to Trust Us

We get it—we are asking you to trust us with the things in your life that are most important to you, during a time that is stressful and emotional.  That’s not always easy, and there may be moments when you do not understand the reason for our advice.  Go ahead and ask us why we are recommending a particular course of action.

Get the Help of a Divorce Counselor

Divorce is more about finances and emotions than legalities.  For this reason, I generally recommend to most all my divorcing clients to seek the help and support of a counselor with a specialty in helping those going through divorce.  Too many clients lean on their divorce attorneys during this trying time, but that’s not what we’re specifically trained to do!

Doing Things Right the First Time Will Save Money in the Long Run

Many couples think that if they can agree on everything at the time of divorce, they do not need to hire attorneys or other experts to help.  Several years later, I frequently see them in my office arguing over provisions in their Parenting Plan, for example.  Trying to fix the documents after the fact is significantly more expensive than getting it right the first time. 

Choosing the Right Attorney Is Key

Sometimes parties don’t hire attorneys out of fear that it will make the conflict worse.  Unfortunately, I see this regularly, so these concerns are valid.  However, not all lawyers are the same.  Look for someone who is trained in Collaborative Law or who provides unbundled services.  It’s far better that you spend a little bit of money now to make sure the paperwork is done properly than to spend lots of money litigating the issue down the road.

Guest Blog Post by my talented friend and esteemed colleague:

Katelyn Ridenour
Family Law Attorney